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About Us

New West Symphony and Chorus’ mission is to “Bless people of all ages, leading them to experience love through music, community, and compassionate giving”.


New West Symphony & Chorus was founded in 2010 with a 30 member choir and orchestra, and has quickly gained recognition throughout Calgary.  Now under the musical direction of Henric Ideström, New West has grown to being a vibrant community of close to 100 volunteer members.  Established as a charitable organization, New West believes in using their platform to help organizations that serve the vulnerable, both in our city and around the globe.  This group of dedicated musicians perform an average of 15 concerts per year, presenting a wide variety of choral and orchestral music that ranges from sacred to pop genres.

Easter with New West

Easter with New West

March 28 @ 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Succulents for Spring: A Fundraiser for the New West Music Academy.

Click the image to go to the Music Academy page for more details.

The First Noel

To celebrate the wonder of Christmas, members of New West Symphony & Chorus created a virtual recording of The First Noel, directed by Henric Idestrom and mixed by Jerry Proppe.  Regardless of what this unique Christmas season holds for you, may you find comfort and joy in celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Come to the Mountain

Do you need some encouragement today?  New West Symphony & Chorus wants to remind you that God is approachable and is available for each one us to approach Him.  In fact, we can do so at any time, in any circumstance… just as we are.   This amazing song of encouragement is Come to the Mountain, directed by Henric Idestrom and recorded/mixed by Jerry Proppe.

We Are Not Alone

New West Symphony & Chorus, as you can imagine, has paused our season due to the COVID-19 epidemic.  We, like so many other groups, are coming together virtually to maintain community, and to support each other through encouragement and prayer.

New West Symphony & Chorus members, together with members from The SymphoNYChorus, came together virtually to bless people with the reminder that We Are Not Alone.  We are blessed to still be able to connect with family, friends, and our “community”.  We are also blessed to know that God, in His compassion and care, is always with us.

A special thanks to Jerry Proppe for his hard work in putting this together!

A New West Christmas CD is HERE!

We are so proud of this album, and we’re sure it will be our favourite way to celebrate the Christmas season for years to come.  We’ll be selling the CD at our upcoming concerts for $20 each, so put one on your Christmas list and be sure to stop by our merchandise table before or after our concerts.

Can’t come to our concerts?  Don’t worry: you can get A New West Christmas CD mailed to you (within Canada) for only $25 per CD, $20 for the CD and only $5 extra for postage!

Here’s how: send an e-transfer to funds@gonwsc.com for $25 per CD.  IMPORTANT: Please put “Christmas CD” and the mailing address in the “Message” section of the e-transfer, and we’ll get it in the mail to you right away.  We’re sure you’ll love it!  Get yours today!

Don’t have a CD player? We’re on iTunes! Search New West Symphony & Chorus and download our album for your listening pleasure.


Become a Member

Interested in becoming a member of the symphony or chorus?
We are always looking for new and enthusiastic members that share our vision and mission.



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NWSC Gives Back

As an established charitable organization, New West believes in using their platform to help erase poverty by partnering with organizations that serve those that are vulnerable both in our city and around the globe.